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Getting Your Best Dodge Charger Services Taken Care Of in Topeka, KS

Every Dodge Charger eventually needs a going through in terms of service and care to keep it running right. Whether that’s a cruising Pentastar with a V6 for long driving or a grumbling SRT Hellcat with a deep Hemi engine, Chargers need regular service to perform at their top level reliably. There is the standard maintenance schedule everyone gets with the owner’s manual, but even if it gets lost or doesn’t exist anymore, our Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT Service Department and website reference can easily give you the same information as well.

Maintenance – Inexpensive but Powerful in Effect

Unlike a basic commuter vehicle, the Dodge Charger is designed and expected to operate as a performance car. That means it has to be able to provide and drive with a higher than normal acceleration, handling, and control. All of these stronger elements take a toll with wear and tear on consumables and parts of a vehicle, whether they are tires or filters or lubrication or more. Lubrication is a great example of how a low-cost transmission services maintenance item really protects a Charger from serious damage. Whether using high-performance mineral oil or a synthetic mix, lubrication provides an essential ability for moving parts to work together smoothly and without contact damage.

Typical engine oil changes allow removal of bits and grit that eventually build-up harmful sludge inside a working engine. Vehicles generally range from 3,500 to 7,500-mile intervals before needing an oil change, and sticking to just that simple barometer can do wonders in preventing mechanical problems on the road. In any case, a Charger should never go more than a year or 10,000 miles without a basic oil or filter change.

Keep Your Traction Healthy

When it comes to your vehicle's handling, tires are critical for sticking to the road when it matters. A Charger can be an amazing vehicle to drive, but the tires translate all that power to road contact, propulsion, and directional control. So, keeping tires healthy and replacing them when needed is a key maintenance factor as well. Our tire sales and services can give you more info right away. Along the same lines, brake services produce a tremendous tool keeping your stopping and slowing systems safe. Brakes do their job, but only when the parts are working correctly. So, regular maintenance spots wear and tear issues and help avoid poor braking when it counts.

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Our Dodge Charger service in Topeka at Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT can help you set up an appointment. Whether you’re located in Topeka, St. Marys, or Lawrence, KS, our Service Department can definitely help you keep your Charger in top shape. We have tons of owner information always available, and our factory-certified mechanics apply the best repair and maintenance protocols on Dodge vehicles, bar none. We want to keep you on the road, safe and having fun in your car. We even handle batteries. Let us schedule your next appointment, and we’ll make sure your Charger serves you well!

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