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What do we know so far about the final 2023 Dodge “Last Call” Special Edition?

Earlier this year, we learned when the final Dodge “Last Call” special edition model will be unveiled. While we’re still a few days away from the Dodge Last Call Powered by Roadkill Nights Vegas Event on March 20th, Dodge has been steadily releasing a host of “Last Call” Countdown teaser videos. We thought we’d go over some of the information we’ve learned from these teaser videos so that we can put together all the information we know so far about the final 2023 Dodge Challenger and Charger “Last Call” special edition model.

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Everything We Know Thus Far

  • Seventh and final 2023 “Last Call” Special Edition model
  • Might have something to do with a Leprechaun – or the teasers just use Leprechauns due to the event being held three days after St. Patrick’s Day
  • Gold liquid might symbolize gold theme, or higher octane fuel
  • Something weighs 7.1 pounds – could this be the difference in weight compared to previous iterations, despite what is sure to be an insane increase in power output?
  • Might be able to hit a top speed of 215 miles per hour
  • The equation “105 @ [3.02 x 2.98] = 1582” hints at a quarter-mile time of 8.99 seconds
  • Will be powered by a V8 engine
  • We’re unsure what 2538 PSI could mean, but perhaps it could mean 25.38 psi of boost from a supercharger
  • While just a rumor, it is believed the vehicle will generate over 900 horsepower

Below you can check out the four teaser videos that have been released thus far. Teaser is a great word for them, because as the discombobulated information gathered above shows… we don’t really know anything, yet. There will be one more teaser released on March 17th, which is St. Patrick’s Day, so we certainly expect more leprechauns. Be sure to check back later this month as we’ll be covering the vehicle after the event to give you more concrete information on the final “Last Call” Special Edition.