Two-wheel Alignment

Dodge Ram Fiat Two-Wheel Alignment

Dodge Ram Fiat Two-Wheel Alignment in Topeka

We operate a MOPAR certified service department offering our customers from Lawrence, Tecumseh, and Big Springs a world-class two-wheel alignment service. Wheel alignments include a certified technician and computerized wheel alignment equipment guaranteeing precision results.

How to identify Rapid Tire Wear

Rapid wear appears in various shapes and patterns but will almost always feature some sort of balding. From bald circles, bald ringing around the edge of the tread, or bald circular cups that deepen at the center, noticing any bald-shaped patterns on the front tires signals a need for corrective two-wheel alignment service.

Alignment Checks 

We recommend regular wheel alignment checks if you want to do everything in your power to prevent misalignment from causing tire wear issues. When most drivers wait for rapid wear to show up on the tires before scheduling corrective maintenance, others choose to prevent rapid wear with regular alignment checks that catch misalignment and correct it before it causes tire wear problems.

What causes misalignment?

With wheel alignment being a matter of precision, many factors contribute to misaligned wheels including hitting potholes while driving in Topeka, hitting a curb parallel parking in Lawrence, or from mere steering component wear & tear. Given the known threats to wheel alignment and the fact that alignment is expected to get knocked out of factory specifications, we recommend following the manufacturer’s recommendation for tire inspections and alignment checks to prevent misalignment from wreaking havoc on your tires.

Two-Wheel Alignment Service

Our two-wheel alignment at Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT begins when the certified technician, computerized wheel alignment equipment, and the manufacturer’s wheel alignment technical service bulletin. The front-wheel angles – camber, caster & toe – will be measured and adjusted within factory specifications precisely. Service also includes an inspection of the front braking, steering, and suspension components.

Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT  Two-Wheel Alignment

Maybe you’ve noticed areas of rapid wear on your vehicle’s front tires or you’ve been experiencing a shaky driving experience? If wheel misalignment has your tires down with rapid wear, we invite you to get the corrective two-wheel alignment service from us at Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT. For your next two-wheel alignment, we invite you to take advantage of a service special that always creates more value and satisfaction that the wheel alignments from an independent service shop.

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