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Power Steering 101

Just like a magic mechanical assistant, the Power Steering unit in your vehicle generates power and helps you rotate the steering wheel while turning the drive wheels as necessary for a comfortable, smooth driving experience. The Power Steering System is relatively complex with an involved service that is best left to highly-trained technicians. A capable technician will know exactly how to inspect every Power Steering component ensuring it is in good working order including the power steering fluid, power steering pump, pinion, piston, steering column, rotary valve, fluid lines, and rack. If the Power Steering System starts to develop a problem, the symptoms caused by the problem will almost always show up as power steering noises or difficulty rotating the steering wheel like before. If your Power Steering System is making strange noises or if you have trouble turning the steering wheel, schedule a Power Steering System Flush, Fluid Exchange, and Conditioning Service today at Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT in Topeka, KS.

Power Steering Fluid Exchange

The hydraulic Power Steering Fluid in your car, truck, van, crossover, or SUV is durable but won’t be able to last forever. Power Steering fluid has a limited life due to contamination. When Power Steering Fluid becomes contaminated, it loses hydraulic integrity and needs to be exchanged. Power Steering Fluid Exchange removes the contaminated Power Steering Fluid and replaces it with fresh fluid that operates at peak performance.

Power Steering System Conditioning

Power Steering System Conditioning is all about protecting the entire power steering system by conditioning all of the components. Power Steering System Conditioning helps Power Steering Fluid resist contamination, extends its useful life, helps seal fluid lines and connections, and protects the power steering pump, piston, rotary valve, and rack. If you want to verify that a Power Steering System Service is valuable, make sure that it includes Conditioning that protects the parts and extends its life.

Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT: the best Power Steering System Flush, Fluid Exchange, & Conditioning Service

Every Service at Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT starts with a highly-trained technician with experience working on vehicles just like yours; we know your vehicle better than anyone else around. We understand your Power Steering System and know exactly how to diagnose the core problem and repair it as needed for optimum performance. Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT is conveniently located in Topeka within a short drive of Lawrence, KS & St Marys, KS.

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