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Front brake service in topeka, ks

At Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT, we have years of experience maintaining and repairing hydraulic Brake Systems just like the one in your vehicle. Modern automotive brake systems are sophisticated with the best maintenance and repair service completed by experts with in-depth training that have access to the best cutting-edge equipment in a state-of-the-art facility. Whenever a Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT model needs Front Brake Service in the Topeka area, rest assured that the highest quality service is easily accessed at Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT. No matter if you are at the Brake Service interval outlined in the owner’s manual or if you are experiencing any warning signs of a Brake System problem, gain peace of mind with the unsurpassed Front Brake Service that we always provide at Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT in Topeka near Lawrence & St. Marys, Kansas

What are the warning signs of a brake system problem?

Brakes are both a performance and safety mechanism. When minor wear happens to a brake system component, the warning signs are usually minor as well; however, as the wear & tear gets worse, the ultimate consequence of a Brake System problem is compromised passenger safety. Never risk putting off Brake System Service if you are experiencing any of the warning signs of a problem because you are risking passenger safety. Here are the most common warning signs signaling to you that you need to schedule Front Brake Service:

  • Strange Sounds –noises while braking, including grinding screeching, or squealing
  • Strange Smell – pungent or burning odor  
  • Strange Sensation – brake pedal feels different, either softer or harder than usual

what does front brake service include?

Don’t let the name fool you - Front Brake Service is a complete Brake System service at Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT that targets Front Brake components while ensuring everything throughout the Brake System is in good condition and performance. We can perform a similar service on your rear brakes if they are also worn. The service features a highly-trained technician that will remove the worn front brake pads and install OEM Front Brake Pads. The front rotors will get inspected with resurfacing or replacement as needed to restore braking performance to factory specifications. The entire Brake System gets checked, including the rear brake components, fluid, hoses, lines, calipers, and vacuum booster to ensure everything is in good condition and performance. Any worn parts can get maintained, repaired, or replaced as needed to restore the brake system to peak performance with maximum passenger safety.

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The certified technicians at Briggs Dodge Ram Fiat are fully prepared to complete a Front Brake Service on your vehicle. We have the proper tools and Dodge Ram Fiat knowledge to perfectly repair your front brakes systems. Schedule a service with us today!

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