Red 2022 Wagoneer Series III cruising on a road. What are the safety features and engine specifications

Safety Features and Engine Specifications of the 2022 Wagoneer Series III

2022 Wagoneer Series III – Safety Features and Engine Specifications

Although the 2022 Wagoneer Series III is not yet launched, it has been instilling a sense of curiosity in the minds of SUV enthusiasts. With a strong belief that the 2022 Wagoneer Series III will most likely revolutionize the entire segment, potential customers are not taking any chances and reserving the vehicle before it stocks out from dealerships. Head to the Briggs dealership today in Topeka, KS, and learn all about the 2022 Wagoneer Series III. Keep reading if you want to familiarize yourself with the engine specifications and safety features of the upcoming 2022 Wagoneer Series III. Schedule a test drive now.

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Black 2022 Ram 3500 towing a trailer. What are the engine specifications?

Does the 2022 Ram 3500 Feature Powerful Engine Specifications?

2022 Ram 3500 Engine Specifications

Trucks are the first thing that springs to mind when it comes to hauling and towing hefty loads. Though there are numerous trucks on the market today, not all of them are capable of being durable, dependable, and comfortable all at the same time. Ram trucks have gone a long way in this regard. Ram trucks excel in every aspect, whether it’s engine specifications, comfort, safety features, towing capability, or driving dynamics, and have become a household name across the United States. Ram’s most giant truck, the 2022 Ram 3500, radiates outstanding driving dynamics while still being incredibly capable. If you want to check out the 2022 Ram 3500 in Topeka, KS, head to the Briggs Dodge Ram dealership today. Schedule a test drive now! Scroll down to know about the engine specifications of the 2022 Ram 3500.

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Dodge wins back to back APEAL titles from JD Power

Dodge Earns Top Ranking in 2021 APEAL Study

J.D. Power has an annual study called “APEAL” (Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout), focusing on measuring the emotional bond between consumers and their vehicles. Dodge has historically done well in this study, now winning two years in a row, and the first ever brand to go back to back. Let’s break down why Dodge has done so well, and see what goes into deciding the APEAL winners.

This latest APEAL study marks the third consecutive year in which both Ram and Dodge outperform the competition directly. Additionally, J.D. Power also deemed the Ram 1500 as the best vehicle in its large light-duty pickup category. As both brands transition to an electric future, it’s hard to not recognize how far they’ve come, cementing their place as domestic brands that top the industry. Mark Champine, Stellantis Head of Customer Experience, North America, had this to say, “I said last year that we would keep the throttle wide open, and these various results demonstrate our continuing resolve to do so. We remain on a mission to do better for our customers, and we know we have more work to do”. 

The APEAL studies take into account customer feedback about vehicle attributes, ranging from throttle response to seating comfort. This takes place during the first three months of ownership and the feedback is then aggregated on a 1000-point APEAL scale. The latest study has Dodge and Ram finish with scores of 882 and 881, respectively. Each brand rose by ten points over its 2020 performance. 

J.D. Power is a global leader in consumer insights, advisory services and data and analytics. A pioneer in the use of big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithmic modeling capabilities to understand consumer behavior, J.D. Power has been delivering industry intelligence on customer interactions with brands and products for more than 50 years. Earning a top spot on a J.D. Power study is a big deal and shows that Dodge is a top quality vehicle manufacturer.

2021 Briggs Dodge Ram on road

Where to buy used cars in Topeka, KS?

Used Cars in Topeka, KS

Want to own a car within your budget without a huge financial burden? Buy used cars to own one at a lesser price. Used/pre-owned cars are not only economical but also in good condition to take out on the road again. More so, if the used cars are less than 100,000 miles, it’s a true find! If you are thinking about where to buy used cars in Topeka, KS, we got you covered.

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White 2021 Dodge Durango carrying 2 bicycles. What are the safety features?

What Are the Safety Features in the 2021 Dodge Durango?

Is the 2021 Durango a Safe Vehicle?

Many three-row SUVs get away with bland looks and little personality, but the 2021 Dodge Durango isn’t one of them. The Durango, like its Challenger and Charger siblings, exudes an old-school muscular mentality that enhances the driving experience, bringing in practicality and strength at the same time. Seating up to seven passengers, the Durango lineup is now the muscle car of three-row SUVs, thanks to a new nuclear engine option and a refreshed look. The 2021 Dodge Durango is not only laden with a plethora of driver assistance and safety features but also houses premium interior elements. If you want to get your hands behind the wheels of a new 2021 Dodge Durango, head to Briggs Dodge Ram in Topeka, KS. Schedule a test drive now!

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The Dodge Fratzog Logo Returns

History and Return of the Fratzog Logo

The biggest Dodge news as of late has been that the automotive company has begun their shift to being electric focused, starting with their eMuscle car. We wrote about this previously, and we mentioned how Dodge will be giving the eMuscle a retro feel by bringing back the “Fratzog” logo. If you aren’t a Dodge fanatic, or if you weren’t alive back in the 60’s and 70’s, you might not know what the Fratzog logo is. Well, today we will be going over the history of the Fratzog and see the significance it holds.

The logo was introduced in 1962 on the Polara 500. Starting in that model year, the segmented triangle appeared on the exterior badging, the steering wheel and the wheel centers of many Dodge vehicles. Fratzog is an unusual name, and you may think that there is some interesting story on the origins of the name. In fact, the designer who submitted the logo came up with the name on the spot when Dodge asked what the name of the logo is, and it stuck. 

Quickly the Fratzog logo was implemented into the designs of many Dodge products throughout the peak of the space race in the 1960’s and is synonymous with power, precision, and excellence in engineering. It served as a grille emblem, horn button, c-pillar badge, and rear decklid emblem. As we prepare for another momentous technological leap forward into the unknown (a worldwide structural change to electric vehicles), Dodge’s revival of the Fratzog logo is befitting. 

Dodge is reviving the logo as a homage to the early muscle car days of their company, also signifying that their electric muscle cars will stay true to what Dodge has always been about; performance. It’s not too crazy to think that the eMuscle will be significantly more powerful than the vehicles they produce now. The technology improves every year, and with the potential of the eMuscle being released in 2024, it could be even more powerful than we could imagine. 

Under the original logo’s tenure through the 1960s and the early 1970s, the muscle car was born, the Max Wedge engine and then the 426 Hemi was created, Chrysler helped put man on the moon, and some of the most iconic cars ever created were put into production. Though Dodge’s EV Summit video presentation was short on details, there was no ambiguity about Dodge’s “new” old logo and where it is going to take us. Expect for the new eMuscle to be an impressive work of engineering, rightfully using the Fratzog as we prepare for a new generation of Dodge vehicles.

The New 2022 Ram Promaster Van

The New 2022 Ram Promaster Van

Ram is well known for their high quality, heavy duty work vehicles, and this stays true for their new 2022 Ram ProMaster van. Ram has packed their new van full of upgraded features in all departments. The heavy duty car manufacturer has also announced that they will be introducing an all-electric ProMaster in 2023, which is an exciting development for the future of Ram. Let’s check out what’s new for 2022 in the ProMaster.

The ProMaster’s exterior appearance remains the same as the previous model, but the interior has been revamped. You’ll find a dashboard that is completely changed, as well as a center stack that has undergone a huge transformation. The newly configured center stack features a standard 7.0-inch touchscreen replacing the old 5.0-inch unit. An even larger 10.0-inch touchscreen is now available as well. Both upgraded systems feature Uconnect5 software, which enables over-the-air updates and includes wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Amazon Alexa voice assistant, and a Wi-Fi hotspot. There will also now be more charging ports, including two USB and two USB Type-C ports. A 115-volt outlet and a wireless device charger are also available.

Ram didn’t just change the infotainment features, they also included revised HVAC controls, replacing the out of date style on the previous model. Below that is a new panel of switches for the hazard lights, traction-control system, and more. To the left, there’s now a more pronounced shift lever. Additionally, there’s a new steering wheel adorned with more physical controls, and the driver now faces a modernized instrument panel with either a 3.5- or 7.0-inch digital display. An electronic parking brake, push-button start, and keyless entry for all doors are all new additions. 

Every version of the 2022 ProMaster will be powered by a transverse-mounted 3.6-liter V-6 making 280 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque. The new ProMaster will be front wheel drive and have a nine-speed automatic transmission. As for towing capacity, the 2022 ProMaster has a max tow rating of 6,910 pounds and a max payload rating of 4,680 pounds. 

Ram has also included an array of new driver-assistance technology, such as automated emergency braking and blind-spot monitoring, 360-degree camera, automatic high-beam headlights, adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go functionality, front parking sensors, and more. Thanks to the switch from a hydraulic steering system to an electronically assisted one, lane-keeping assist is also newly available. The new 2022 Ram ProMaster is the best work truck on the market. Ram has yet to announce the prices, but they’re not expected to dramatically increase from the previous model. The 2022 ProMaster is expected to go on sale in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Dodge Hornet Concept Hints at Upcoming Design for 2023

Dodge Hornet Crossover Coming

Stellantis (The manufacturing company affiliated with Dodge) recently confirmed that a plug-in hybrid Dodge will arrive next year. There have been rumors circulating that the new plug-in hybrid will be a small crossover and that it will take over the Hornet moniker. We discussed the possibility of this a few months ago, but now it seems that it will be a reality. Let’s take a look at what we know so far.

The last time Dodge used the “Hornet” name was back in 2006, and it was a compact hatchback concept that never saw the light of day. The styling will be different then the early 2000’s concept car, and it will be based on the unreleased Alfa Romeo Tonale. The new Hornet will be powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four gasoline engine, and it’s possible that nonhybrid versions may appear as well. It’s also likely that the Hornet will come equipped with an all-wheel drive system.

In a document released during the recent EV Day 2021 presentation, Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis talked about the brand embracing electrification for its performance line of muscle cars starting in 2024. However, this particular vehicle will be one of 9 new plug-in electric (PHEV) vehicles for the company and set to launch in 2022, making it Dodge’s first production PHEV vehicle. 

The Hornet would occupy the space that was once taken by the Dodge Journey in the brand’s lineup. The only crossover in the marque’s current lineup is the Durango. The small, two-row crossover will go on sale in fall 2022. Stellantis will build it alongside the Tonale in Naples, Italy. A formal debut for the Hornet can be expected in early 2022, maybe even late 2021. 

This is all the information we have so far regarding the new PHEV Hornet. We expect information to continue to trickle out as the months go on, so stay tuned for any updates. We’ll keep you informed and up to date.

2021 Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat Exterior Driver Side Front Profile

Is Dodge going to launch a PHEV in 2022?

We all know that Dodge has set 2024 as the year it will be launching its first-ever all-electric muscle car. However, you may not need to wait that long to see an “electrified” Dodge, and by electrified we mean a plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV), as Stellantis intends to launch a PHEV under the Dodge brand as early as next year. If you wanna know whether dodge is going to launch a plug-in hybrid in 2022, keep reading this blog post from Briggs Dodge of Topeka, KS.

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3 2020 Dodge Challenger exterior front fascia passenger side on blurred road

What is Stellantis and what cars does it make?

Ever since word on the all-electric Ram pickup truck and electric Dodge muscle car began doing the rounds, one name that we’ve all been hearing a lot about is Stellantis. It may sound like a name of a planet or a superhero group straight out of a superhero movie but it’s got nothing to do with DC or Marvel universe. It is an automobile supergroup formed by combining fourteen multi-national car brands. If you’re curious about what Stellantis is and what cars it makes, keep reading this blog post from Briggs Dodge Ram Fiat of Topeka, KS.  

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