4 wheel alignment Service

What is Wheel Alignment & Why is it Important?

Perfect Wheel Alignment is defined as setting wheel angles to the ideal position where opposite tires remain parallel to one another but also meeting the road at a 90-degree angle. Three specific wheel angles are included in 4-Wheel Alignment Service including the toe, caster, and camber. To set these wheel angles at factory specifications, a highly-trained technician will use special computerized equipment to assess and reset the angles to factory specifications. The importance and value that you can expect to receive with 4-Wheel Alignment are evident in the benefits of the service including even tire tread wear, smooth-riding, maximum tire life, and decreased tire replacement costs. 4-Wheel Alignment is vital if you want to get the most value out of your tire investment.

Symptoms of Poor Wheel Alignment

When the wheels are not in alignment, the consequences include preventable wear and tear on the tires. The wear and tear will generally show up as rapid tire tread wear or strange tire tread wear patterns, such as cupping, or balding on the tire edge. Here is a list of the most common symptoms emerging with wheels out of alignment:

  • Uneven tire tread wear 
  • Rapid tire wear
  • Squealing tires 
  • The steering wheel is crooked when driving straight 
  • Vehicle pulls to one side while driving

Eliminating any of these symptoms is convenient and price-effective with a 4-Wheel Alignment Service at Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT in Topeka. Schedule a 4-Wheel Alignment Service today, and we’ll have one of our highly-trained technicians ensure that every wheel is in perfect alignment at factory specifications.

What Happens During a 4-Wheel Alignment Service?

4-Wheel Alignment begins with a highly-trained technician that performs wheel alignment service every day on vehicles just like yours. The technician will use expertise and computerized wheel alignment equipment to assess and reset the camber, caster, and toe to factory specifications. While the service is completed, the technician will perform an inspection of the steering & handling components to ensure they are in good working order. Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT is conveniently located in Topeka, KS near Lawrence, KS & St. Marys, KS.

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