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MOPAR Tire Department

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Tires are a pivotal part of your car! They connect and grip you to the road. Without a good set of tires, you can end up with a car that does not drive well, which is not safe, and that needs to be worked on.

Tire Department

what is a mopar certified tire department?

For every vehicle, getting a good set of tires that are designed specifically for their make and model is a must. The MOPAR tire department at Briggs Dodge Ram Fiat is a fantastic resource that can help you to find the right tires for your car. We have a wide range of tires in all shapes and sizes. You will have no problem finding a set of tires that work best for your vehicle. A great MOPAR tire department, like ours, is also going to have the certified technicians that know how to install, maintain, and fix any of your tire issues.

tire Services We Offer:

  • Tire Rotation
  • Two-Wheel Alignment
  • Four-Wheel Alignment
  • Tire Patch & Repairs
  • Tire Tread Inspections
  • Tire Pressure (PSI) Checks
  • Tire Balancing
  • And more!

discount tire shop vs briggs dodge ram fiat tire department

Not using a MOPAR certified tire department to shop or service your Dodge, Ram, or Fiat’s tire will likely end in you having tires that may or may not work with your car. You can get great tires that are not MOPAR but you will have to do more work and put forth more effort in order to find them. The experts at our shop know exactly what works best for your vehicle. They also have years of experience helping customers from all over the Topeka area so they know what driving conditions are like. Choosing the right tire for your driving habits and lifestyle is vital, and they will be able to help you do so! The right tires make a huge difference in the way that you drive, in the ease of your drive, and in how your car performs overall. Don’t mess around with uncertified and inexperienced shops when it comes to tire sales and service - choose Briggs Dodge Ram Fiat!

Service & PArt Specials at Briggs dodge ram fiat

Briggs Dodge Ram Fiat is also excited to offer service & parts specials! We understand that automotive services can be expensive, which is why we offer specials on various tire services. Check out our service & parts specials for more information!

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