Parts Manager

Become a Parts Manager at a Briggs Automotive Dealership

There’s one subsection of our service departments that we haven’t yet covered in this company-wide series of career center blogs, and that’s our parts department. While parts is itself a part of the service department, it has several of its own dedicated teammates due to just how important what they do is. This includes their own manager, so if you’re looking for your next position in the automotive industry and have experience with parts, consider becoming a parts manager at a Briggs Automotive dealership.

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Job Responsibilities & Description

Parts Manager

Naturally, as a management position, this isn’t one of the jobs that you’ll be able to earn while you learn. You’ll need some experience to get this job, but we’ll still define the responsibilities and description of the position anyways for those of you who do have the experience and might be interested. As the parts manager, you’ll oversee the entire parts inventory and employees, making sure to move parts and return a profit through merchandising, pricing, advertising and more.

Our parts departments typically include replacement parts as well as upgrades and accessories, and not only can they be sold to customers as necessary while their vehicle is getting serviced, but customers can come in and by themselves retail to install on their own. You’ll be responsible for leading the team and its many employees, including hiring, training, counseling and more. You’ll need to make sure that all parts are properly priced, placed and present so that they can be easily accessed when needed. And so on.

As should be obvious, this is very much a management role, so if you’ve got the required experience and skills and are looking for your next position, you should definitely consider applying right here at Briggs Auto.