Transmission Replacement

Dodge Ram Fiat Transmission Replacement

Transmission Replacement in Topeka, KS

Getting your transmission replaced is a big and expensive job. There are options however as to how you replace the transmission once it is beyond the point of repair. At Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT of Topeka, KS, our highly trained service technicians can explain different routes you could take with this big repair. We use only genuine MOPAR parts no matter what the job involves. We are a short drive from Junction City, Topeka, and Lawrence, KS. We have an express department, but replacing a transmission will take a few days.

Replacement Options

Here are the options available when you need a new transmission.

  • Buy a new one from the factory. This is the most expensive and for newer vehicles. You do get a completely new one though.
  • Buy a used one. This is the cheapest and the one with the most risk. There is no way to really know the condition of a used transmission and often there is little if any, warranty.
  • Buy a rebuilt transmission. This is better than a used one, as a rebuilt one has been thoroughly examined and brought back to factory specifications.
  • Rebuild the one you have. This is not the cheapest but often the best. Each part is examined and either repaired or replaced. The transmission is brought back to specs and is in like-new condition once it is finished.

Transmission health

When your transmission goes out, the car will not move. This can be bad if you are stuck on a busy freeway, or at a remote location late at night. It is much better to pay attention to warning signs so you do not get caught in this situation. If it is obvious the transmission is struggling to shift gears or makes noises when shifting, it needs to get checked out as soon as possible. A transmission that is going bad will also leak in most cases, so pay attention to leaks in your car. Transmissions do go out without warning at times, but there are usually some warning signs that let you know trouble is on the horizon. 

Visit the Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT Service Department

Give Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT in Topeka, KS a call today to get your transmission checked, or replaced if needed. We also serve Junction City, Manhattan, and Lawrence, KS. Being a family-owned and operated business for over 35 years is what sets us apart from a nearby dealership. Come see our service center and let us show you the difference.

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