Tire Replacement Service

Tire Replacement Service

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While automobile cars can be tricky in plenty of cases, there’s one area where most car owners feel pretty confident. We all know a few basics about tires. We know what they do, how they work, and why they’re important. Despite that, a lot of people still wait too long for a tire replacement service. The potential cost and inconvenience are intimidating. But when you understand a little more about the service and get to see that the prices don’t have to be bad at all, you’ll find that this is one area of car care that you can truly master.

When Do I Need New Tires

There are three easy checks that can tell you it’s time for new tires. The first is the easiest. If your tires can’t hold air, they need to be repaired or replaced. Sometimes, this is because you drive over a nail or something comparable. Other times it’s because the tires are so worn down that they no longer seal the air in.

Your second check is the penny test. Place a penny head-first into the tire tread. If you can see Abe’s head, your tread is too low. If any of Abe’s head is obscured, you have at least 2/32” of tread. This is usually the minimum recommended tread depth. When you do this test, remember that treads wear unevenly, so check a handful of different spots to get a better feel.

The third check is for dry rot. Especially in sunny areas, the rubber of the tires eventually breaks down. You can do an eyeball check. If there are clear signs of a rut on the sides of the tire, they need to be replaced (or at least professionally inspected).

Waiting to Replace Your Tire Can Be Dangerous

Waiting on tire replacements can be dangerous. At best, worn tires will reduce your control over the vehicle, increase the time it takes to stop and harm your fuel efficiency. At worst, they can contribute to a collision. Worn treads struggle to handle water (much less ice and snow), and they contribute to many accidents every year. When you have dry rot or other signs of sidewall wear, the tire is at risk of a blowout. You don’t need to be told how serious that is. If you want to avoid the risks of worn tires, it’s better not to put off replacement services.

Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT

Briggs has been servicing Dodge, Ram, and FIAT vehicles in Topeka, Lawrence and St. Marys, KS, for years. We have bilingual staff and a commitment to comfort and convenience. You can bring in the car for quick tire service and enjoy our free Wi-Fi and beverages while you wait.

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