Summer Maintenance and Tips

Mopar Summer Maintenance & Tips

Essential Components and Temperature Change

Summer is expected to be a real scorcher in Topeka, KS. And we know that this heat can really crank things up when it comes to the value of summer preparedness and maintenance as needed throughout summer. Our certified technicians performing certified Mopar services know that extreme heat and significant temperature change between winter and summer are serious limitations to many essential components with relatively short service lives. With warmer days before us in Kansas, now is the opportune time to schedule much-needed summer maintenance for peak vehicle performance all summer long.

Start Here: The Infamous Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection 

While you should get your car, truck, or SUV serviced year-round at the specified mileage, it is doubly important to receive a multi-point vehicle inspection by a certified technician to ensure that your vehicle is working properly as hot weather arrives in Topeka. An immobilized vehicle from poor maintenance is not only preventable but is a safety concern for us at Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT.

Summer Maintenance Essentials

  • Battery - Always make sure that your battery is in good condition. The heat can cause your battery to disfigure, leak, and lose voltage capacity.
  • Fresh Fluids - Oil, Power Steering, Transmission, & Coolant - Always make sure to keep your engine cool and all fluids fresh through summer. Two of the most important fluids are engine oil and coolant/antifreeze when it comes to the right operating temperature throughout the summer.
  • Air Conditioning Performance Check - Check the current condition and performance of your air conditioning system. With leaking refrigerant being the #1 problem for the A/C, it is important to inspect the system before summer to ensure sufficient performance.
  • Filters - be sure to check all filters including the cabin air and engine air filters to ensure that they are in excellent condition keeping major systems protected.

Risks of Putting Off Much-Needed Summer Maintenance

Heat and temperature change between seasons are significant threats to overall vehicle reliability throughout the summer. You want to take every precaution possible to ensure that your vehicle is working optimally before you take it on the road during these incredibly hot months. The consequences of ignoring summer maintenance include increased wear & tear, reduced reliability, poor fuel economy, rough engine idling, unpleasant driving experience, immobilized vehicle, and increased operational costs.

Working With a Service Center You Can Trust

Establishing a working relationship with a certified Mopar service department is crucial. You want to know that they have your best interests in mind. Fortunately, Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT of Topeka has the certified Mopar service department necessary to help you whenever you need to get your vehicle serviced. Be sure to contact us today to schedule your appointment for a summer maintenance service.

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