Serpentine Belt Replacement

Serpentine Belt Replacement Service

Dodge Ram Fiat Serpentine Belt Replacement Service in Topeka, KS

The serpentine belt is a long belt that works its way through your car's engine; hence the serpentine name - it snakes around the engine to deliver power to various accessories. It keeps your air conditioner, water pump, alternator, power steering, and other accessories operating as expected.  It is a pretty good system, but the only downside is when it breaks or stops working, your car is inoperable, largely because the water pump will be offline and the engine will ultimately overheat. It is a good idea to get it replaced before it goes bad and you find yourself stranded. Bring your car to Briggs Dodge Ram Fiat to get the best serpentine belt service in the area.

Servicing Your Serpentine Belt

When your serpentine belt stops working, your car stops working, period. All of those components that are attached to it are unable to work, and so your car will not go. Often they break or stop working suddenly, but we recommend routine inspections to prevent breaking while driving. You can still watch for signs such as a loud squealing noise when the engine starts, or when steering goes all the way to one side.  If it slips off the pulley that is also a sign it may be going bad.

How Long Does a Serpentine Belt Last?

The good news is serpentine belts last a long time, maybe even 100,000 miles in some cases. Your owner’s manual will tell you when it should be checked, and if you have a lot of miles on your car, it is a good idea to replace it.

Getting Your Serpentine Belt Inspected

If you happen to be going at highway speed when it breaks, it could cause a lot of damage and bigger repair bills than a serpentine belt service would have cost. The big danger is that you will get stranded somewhere, and there is that possibility of damaging your engine worse. Your certified technician can check your belt and see if it showing signs of wear. If it is, you should get it replaced to be safe. We inspect serpentine belts when performing our complimentary multi-point inspections at the end of every service.

MOPAR Certified Service in Topeka - Briggs Dodge Ram Fiat

While the serpentine belt snakes through your engine compartment, it is not a very complicated repair. It is still a good idea to bring it to the dealership so you can be sure to get OEM products for your car and receive quality service by a certified MOPAR expert. At Briggs Dodge Ram Fiat in Topeka, we are committed to keeping your car in good shape.

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