Rear differential service

What is an Automotive Differential?

The Differential is a piece of engineering wizardry positioned at the rear axle, and it allows for variable wheel rotation when cornering. A little physics lesson is helpful – when you take a corner, the outer wheel must rotate faster and cover a greater distance compared to the inner wheel. The Differential is the component that automatically adjusts wheel speed so that you can corner smoothly. However, to achieve what seems like a simple task, the inner workings of the Rear Differential are quite complex. The vital parts included in Rear Differential Service include the ring gear, axle shaft, spider gears, pinion gear, side gears, and differential fluid.

The primary symptom of a Rear Differential Malfunction: NOISE

When a Rear Differential develops a problem, it will notoriously make symptomatic noises. While the sound varies according to the location and extent of the damages, the telltale warning sign of a Rear Differential problem will almost always include loud, strange noises. Here is a list of the most common sound symptoms with a likely explanation of the problematic Rear Differential component:

  • Clunkingdamaged ring gear or damaged pinion gear 
  • Tickinggear tooth missing or damaged 
  • Howlingbearings are worn out 
  • Rumblingwheel bearing malfunction

If you are experiencing any Rear Differential noises, the noise problem will only get worse with time. The ultimate consequence of the noise is a broken differential and undrivable vehicle. Repair the faulty Rear Differential by scheduling a Rear Differential Service at Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT today. Every Rear Differential Service is performed by a highly-trained technician with significant experience working on vehicles with a Rear Differential just like yours.

What does the Technician do for a Rear Differential Service?

The Rockstar of every Rear Differential Service is a highly-trained technician with vast experience servicing differentials just like yours. The Rear Differential is inspected to isolate the root cause of the malfunction. Once isolated, the core problem will be repaired as necessary to restore factory specifications. The technician will also inspect the transmission, transfer case, and front differential for signs of wear and tear and leaks, which gives you a chance to repair any problems before they can get worse.

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