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RAM 2500 Service

RAM 2500 Service in Topeka, KS

The RAM 2500 has always been a go-to vehicle for power and workhorse capability. The truck has plenty of capability, including towing and hauling. Its dependability is the primary reason there are so many RAM 2500 trucks still on the road even though new models come out every year. That said, even the RAM 2500 needs regular service to maintain its capabilities and avoid expensive repair costs down the line due to wear and tear.

Proactive Service for RAM 2500 Trucks is Easy

Like many vehicles, one of the easiest ways a RAM 2500 owner can ensure his or her vehicle’s performance is through regularly scheduled maintenance, provided by Dodge in an easy-to-use guide format. Available both for new owners and online for anyone to download or reference, the RAM 2500 maintenance schedule covers both regular interval upkeep and more serious evaluations and maintenance. And Briggs Dodge RAM Fiat in Topeka, KS is the perfect place to schedule your RAM 2500 service, which usually includes the following intervals:

  • 7,500-mile service – This is the regular maintenance check with a multi-point inspection, oil change & filter change, and optional tire rotation and alignment. This routine service will give you a running peace of mind and a heads up if something is spotted.
  • 15,000-mile service – Along with an oil & filter change, this service definitely rotates the tires and sets alignment, the front shaft fitting gets a re-lube if driving a 4x4 truck, and the brakes are inspected.
  • 30,000-mile service – When this interval comes around, it’s time to change the cabin air filter as well as the engine fuel filter. The transmission fluid gets a flush, and the same goes for the transfer case. Both are must as sediment has already built up by this point. Batteries are also checked.
  • 60,000-mile service – This is a repeat of the 30,000-mile service and the filter being renewed and a full tire replacement if they have not been addressed sooner. The truck battery may also be changed if needed.
  • 90,000-mile service – Again, similar to the 30,000-mile service, all the fluids are exchanged out, the brake services include a full inspection and parts replacement if not done sooner, and the engine belts are replaced.

Again, every one of these services also includes the 7,500 services as it falls within each window. Following the above schedule, a significant amount of potential problems that might arise from wear and tear on the RAM 2500 are going to be addressed early. That can include things like transmission services and engine work. All of the above saves the owner from significant repair costs later on that will happen if ignored.

RAM 2500 Service in Topeka is Available Today

Briggs Dodge RAM Fiat's quality service is oriented on our customers on every service call, and customer vehicles back on the road with factory-certified OEM and replacement parts as needed, including tire sales and services. We also regularly help folks in the area beyond Topeka, including Lawrence and St. Marys, KS. All of our technicians are factory-certified as well, so there’s no-nonsense with procedures and training that might happen with other mechanic shops. Contact us to set up your RAM 2500 service appointments today. We’d be glad to help!

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