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Genuine Mopar Parts at Briggs Dodge, Ram, FIAT Topeka

At Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT, we know the value of genuine Mopar Parts whenever our customers have a repair service. From our loyal do-it-yourself home garage mechanics, Mopar muscle car enthusiasts, and loyal Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT Service Center customers, we always have the Part that you need in inventory at our Part Department. We carry an extensive selection of hard-to-find genuine Mopar parts for older-model muscle cars and can find all of those rare parts for collectors quickly and conveniently. We staff our Part Department with skilled and knowledgeable Parts Advisors ready to answer even the hardest Part questions. If you need a Genuine Mopar Part and live in the Topeka region, gain peace of mind by trusting the Part Department at Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT. The Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT Part Department is conveniently located in Topeka near Lawrence, & St Marys, Kansas. We also carry Mopar accessories for vehicle's such as the Jeep Gladiator.

Reasons why Genuine Mopar Parts will always be better than cheap Aftermarket alternatives

We understand the value of genuine Mopar Parts. Much of the value of genuine Mopar is found by comparing their performance to generic alternatives. We regularly have customers bring their vehicle to us for repair service after a generic aftermarket part was installed only to fail a few weeks or months later. Although the aftermarket part was cheap, it failed quickly due to inferior design, materials, and inadequate manufacturing quality assurance. It’s important to remember that cheap aftermarket parts offer cheap reliability and performance

The Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT Part Department Advantage 

When you get a genuine Mopar replacement part like those offered at our Part Department, you tap into the Mopar gold standard with the highest quality possible for your vehicle. Genuine Mopar Parts have been designed for fit and performance on your exact vehicle and come with a performance guarantee. In the rare event, it fails prematurely, you have a warranty backup to give you peace of mind. With generic parts that fail, you just wasted your money; Genuine Mopar Parts hold the most value for our customers because they ultimately provide you with maximum reliability and performance for many more miles to come.

 Designed for fit and performance in your specific vehicle 

 Performance guarantee

 Peace of mind with reliability 

— Durable materials 

 Manufactured at world-class quality assurance

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