Multi-point inspection

Get Your Vehicle checked with a multi-point inspection

Every vehicle needs to periodically be checked out to ensure that it continues to operate at optimal levels. While you need that you need to have the oil changed, the other maintenance tasks may seem a little hazy and seem pointless. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A multi-point inspection can identify and take care of any small issues before they become big ones.

when to schedule multi-point inspections

Most manufacturers recommend multi-point inspections every 10-15,000 miles. These inspections can identify potential problems long before they become expensive repairs.  Serious system failures can also cause safety issues so preventing them can prevent accidents. 

What happens during a multi-point inspection?

During the inspection, a trained, certified technician will examine the entire vehicle. This lets the owner know the true condition of the vehicle and any areas that need repair or additional maintenance. When a vehicle is brought into the dealer, technicians will provide a visual inspection of the engine, tires and safety equipment as a courtesy. A multi-point inspection goes further in-depth to provide a better understanding of the vehicle’s condition. These inspections are also particularly helpful if you are considering purchasing a used car and want to know that you are getting a sound vehicle.

what does a multi-point inspection cover?

As it covers all of a vehicle’s major systems, a multi-point inspection includes the following:

  • OilOil levels and the condition of the filter are examined.
  • TiresThey are examined for unusual wear patterns, alignment, and balance. Misaligned or improperly filled tires are a safety issue that also affects the vehicle’s performance, gas mileage, and safety. 
  • Windshield and wipersAll of the glass on the vehicle is examined for cracks. The windshield wipers are also inspected for wear. Worn wiper blades can be unsafe during rainstorms as vision is limited. 
  • Battery and connectionsThe battery will be tested to determine its current state. Also, all of the battery’s connections to make sure that they are secure. 
  • Fluid – Every vehicle needs several fluids to operate efficiently. A technician will check the coolant, brake fluid, and wiper fluid to determine if they need to be changed and are at the recommended levels.
  • BrakesPeriodically checking and measuring the brakes and their systems can prevent future accidents. The technician will also examine the parking brake. 

Briggs Dodge Ram Fiat Multi-Point Inspections

You don’t have to be an automotive expert to keep your vehicle in top shape. At Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT in Topeka, KS, we’re ready to help you maintain your vehicle! Come by today for a multi-point inspection.  We also serve Lawrence and St. Marys, KS so we’re conveniently located near you. 

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