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Fuel system service in topeka, ks

When was the last time you checked your car’s service schedule? Have you stayed on top of everything? For most people, the answer is no. That’s okay. As long as your car is still functioning, it’s not too late to take good care of it. You can get ahead of scheduled maintenance by hitting a few key services. One of those is a fuel system service. It isn’t always listed in the manual, but it’s one of the most important routines for keeping your vehicle in top shape.

What is a fuel system service?

There are usually two parts to this service. The first involves cleaning the fuel system. Chemical scrubbers are deployed to remove impurities that build up across the system. Even with modern gasoline, enough mileage will eventually cause buildups that can clog or damage the system and leave you stranded. A good cleaning stops this long before it happens. The second half of the service is dedicated to inspecting and replacing (when necessary) the components of the fuel system. Primarily, those parts are the fuel filter (have you ever had this replaced?), fuel pump and fuel injectors. 

cleaning your fuel system

A clean fuel system reduces strain on the parts that tend to fail, and it keeps the engine itself cleaner. Regular cleanings can add substantial longevity to your vehicle. Additionally, replacing parts before they fail will keep you from getting stranded. Even a clogged fuel filter will stop your vehicle from running. A dead fuel pump or injector is an even bigger problem.

when to schedule fuel system services

Allowing impurities to build up in the vehicle increases strain. It’s as simple as that. You want to avoid stalling on fuel system services for this very reason. That said, this is not something you need every month. On average, vehicles should have a fuel system service every 36 months or every 45,000 miles. That’s enough to keep things clean and stay ahead of worn fuel system parts.

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There are plenty of places to have car work done in Topeka, KS. Throw in Lawrence and St. Marys, and you have plenty of choices. The simplest reason we can give you to choose Briggs is for our service. We’ve been taking care of Dodge, Ram, and FIAT vehicles for years, and in that time, we’ve learned that service matters most. If you want to take the stress out of car service, schedule service with us.

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