front differential Service

What is Front Differential Service?

When a vehicle makes a turn, the inside wheels turn slower and cover a slightly shorter distance compared to the outside wheels. Due to the physics of cornering, the inside and outside wheels need to rotate independently of each other at slightly different speeds. A Differential is a component that automatically adjusts for the variable wheel rotation needed every time you turn a corner. Beyond supporting the difference in wheel spin, the Differential is what also promotes traction at each wheel-tire assembly as your vehicle corners. Without a Front Differential, your vehicle would have a difficult time turning corners smoothly, and the wheels would have poor traction with the road in corners. Also of importance is the effect of a defective Front Differential on your tires – faulty front differentials are infamous for causing rapid and uneven tire tread wear that demands more frequent tire replacement with increased operational costs. It is for these reasons that Front Differential Service is an excellent decision if you are experiencing any of the warning signs of a Front Differential problem.

What are the Warning Signs of a Front Differential problem?

  • Mileage beyond the Differential Oil service interval 
  • Differential makes a whining sound 
  • Slipping gears or jerking movement 
  • Grinding noise when cornering 
  • Vibrations when driving down the road 
  • Humming noise usually caused by gear grinding from inadequate lubrication

Front Differential Service in Topeka, Kansas

If you are at the recommended maintenance interval for changing the differential fluid or are experiencing any of the warning signs of a Front Differential problem, correcting the issue is convenient and hassle-free at Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT in Topeka. Our highly-trained technician will inspect every Front Differential component and change the Differential Oil with genuine Mopar Differential Oil. If any component including propeller, gears, rings, or seals are inferior, they can get repaired as needed to restore peak performance, reliability, and safety. Front Differential Service is readily available at Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT in Topeka near Lawrence & St Marys, Kansas.

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