Conventional Oil Change Service

Engine Oil 101 

Routine Engine Oil & Filter Change Service at the recommended service interval outlined in the owner’s manual is proven to help optimize engine performance while maximizing fuel efficiency. The majority of the older-model vehicles on the road today continue to require conventional oil change service at approximately every 3,000-mile interval. However, because of modern advances in oil production technology, many newer-model Dodge Ram FIAT models have a much longer engine oil & filter change interval with several models at a 7,500-mile interval. At Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT of Topeka, we usually recommend diligence in following the vehicle’s Engine Oil & Filter Change interval outlined in the owner’s manual. The only good reason to schedule service sooner is if there are signs that the engine oil is breaking down, becoming contaminated, or losing viscosity. Engine oil can break down quickly due to certain driving factors, such as hauling heavy loads, heavy towing, and driving in stop-and-go traffic.

Inspect Engine Oil Monthly for Warning Signs Regardless of the Maintenance Interval

Since certain driving factors can cause engine oil to break down quickly, we always recommend completing a quick visual inspection of the engine oil at least monthly to verify that the engine oil isn’t losing viscosity prematurely. Inspecting oil is as easy as pulling out the oil dipstick and looking at the oil. If the engine oil has any of these features, then you need to schedule a Conventional Oil & Filter Change Service

  • Dark engine oil (dark brown to black) 
  • Gritty engine oil that appears contaminated with tiny particulates or debris 
  • Metal shavings in the engine oil 

Conventional Oil & Filter Change Service at Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT

The Conventional Oil & Filter Change Service at Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT starts with a highly-skilled technician with experience performing oil change service on your specific car, truck, crossover, or SUV. The broken down engine oil and filter are exchanged and new genuine Conventional Engine Oil & Filter to factory specifications with a well-lubricated engine running nice and cool. Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT is conveniently located in Topeka near Lawrence, KS & St. Marys, KS.

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