Conventional Diesel Oil & Filter Change

Conventional Diesel Oil change

Diesel Engine Oil 101

Engine Oil is the vital liquid that flows throughout the engine lubricating its moving internal parts keeping them cool. Without engine oil, the engine's internal components would quickly heat up due to intense friction and warp or seize up leaving you stranded with an immovable vehicle. The oil and filter used in diesel engines are different compared to traditional gasoline engines. The important similarity is that regular gasoline engines and diesel engines both require routine oil & filter changes at the recommended maintenance interval outlined in the owner's manual. Just like gasoline engines, the diesel engine needs fresh oil & filter to stay lubricated and running at the optimum temperature.

Diesel Engine Oil & Filter Pro Tips

Managing a diesel engine with its oil & filter requires a slightly different approach for peak performance. The first Pro Tip is to inspect the engine oil using the dipstick weekly. Most of our diesel-owning customers set aside one day a week to examine the oil quickly. If the engine oil is turning dark or is black, it needs change service. Also important to look for is tiny particulates contaminating the engine oil such as tiny metal shavings. If the engine oil appears contaminated or is gritty to touch, you need to bring your diesel model in for its next Conventional Diesel Oil & Filter Change. It is important to remember that the owner's manual gives the maximum maintenance interval between diesel engine oil & filter changes, but changing the diesel oil & filter at shorter intervals will only help the engine remain in tip-top shape for longer.


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What happens during a Conventional Diesel Oil & Filter Change Service?

Conventional Diesel Oil & Filter Change Service at Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT begins with a highly-trained technician with vast experience performing oil & filter change services on diesel engine models. The old contaminated diesel engine oil & filter is removed and exchanged with new genuine manufacturer-approved diesel engine oil & filter restoring peak performance and factory specifications. Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT is conveniently located in Topeka near Lawrence, KS & St Marys, KS.

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