Cabin Air Filter Replacement Service

Cabin Air Filter Replacement Service

Cabin Air Filter Replacement Service in Topeka, KS

The cabin air filter cleans the air in a vehicle’s cabin as it comes into the cabin via the ventilation, air conditioning or heating systems. This feature is common on most modern vehicles, capturing any dust and pollen that can make the car’s interior unpleasant. This is particularly important if you have any respiratory issues or allergies.

Maintenance Schedule for Cabin Air Filter Replacement

This varies by the manufacturer so it’s important to refer to your vehicle’s manual. As a rule of thumb, most automakers recommend replacing the cabin air filter every 12-15,000 miles. Also, the replacement schedule depends on how often the vehicle is driven. Vehicles used in heavy urban traffic may need to have the cabin air filter replaced more often due to poorer air quality. Vehicles used in dusty areas, such as the desert, may also experience that the filter needs replacing more frequently.

How to Tell the Filter Needs Replacing

There are several signs that a cabin air filter needs replacing. First, any reduction in airflow through the climate control system can indicate that the filter needs to be replaced. A noisy air system is another sign. Unusual or foul odors can also be an indication. Even without these telltale signs, the filter should be checked once a year to ensure that there is the appropriate air quality in the vehicle.

Checking the Cabin Air Filter

While some cabin air filters are easy to access, others are not. Regardless, it’s important that a professional perform this task so that the climate control system is not disrupted. Cabin air filters are not expensive so this is a maintenance task that shouldn’t be put off. When they pull the filter out, you may be astonished to see a filter clogged with dirt, twigs and other debris. Changing the cabin air filter out will greatly improve your enjoyment of your vehicle.

Schedule Cabin Air Filter Service in Topeka, KS

At Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT, we’re ready to help you maintain your vehicle. Conveniently located in Topeka, KS, we also serve customers in Lawrence and St. Marys, KS. The air quality in your vehicle is an often overlooked maintenance task but it affects your health and your enjoyment of the vehicle. Follow the recommended maintenance schedule as prescribed by the manufacturer in the owner’s manual. However, if you experience any of the indications that the cabin air filter needs to be replaced, schedule this service with us. We’re happy to replace it quickly and get you on your way.

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