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What & who is the Dodge Chief Donut Maker?

What exactly is a Chief Donut Maker and why does it sound like the best job ever? While the title itself seems like it would be a better fit for Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme, the Chief Donut Maker is actually a new position created by Dodge. The position was introduced earlier this year as the automaker kicked off a months-long journey to discover their first-ever Chief Donut Maker. But what exactly is a Chief Donut Maker, and who earned the position? We’ve got the details.

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“After a nearly four-month search for our chief donut maker, we were blown away by our 10 finalists, and how each uniquely embodied the very best of the Dodge brand. We put our candidates to the test both on and off the track and Preston never lifted, proving that he possesses the knowledge, character and drive to represent the Brotherhood of Muscle.”

Tim Kuniskis, Chief Executive Officer, Dodge

What does a Chief Donut Maker do?

You might assume that somebody with the job Chief Donut Maker is a baker who, well, makes donuts. But that actually couldn’t be further from the truth of what a Chief Donut Maker does. This new position was created by Dodge to help the company share with its fans and enthusiasts the journey into the electrified future of muscle cars from the only perspective that truly matters – the fans’. This is precisely why the position was so difficult to fill, as over 173,500 applications were sent in, but in the end only one man was crowned Chief Donut Maker.

Who is the Dodge Chief Donut Maker?

That man was Preston Patterson of North Carolina. He beat out all other applicants through the very unconventional hiring process, which included many different obstacles and hurdles, including some competitions on the track. Dodge believes Preston is the perfect candidate, and we cannot wait to see what he does with his new position. Congratulations, Preston!