Service Tech Under Hood

What does an automotive service technician or mechanic do?

If you’re considering options for your career path, we definitely think you should consider becoming an automotive service technician. We’re always looking for great service techs or mechanics to join the team here at Briggs, so you could potentially find your start right here in our service department! If you aren’t already a skilled mechanic, then you might be wondering what exactly an automotive service technician does, so we thought we’d give you the rundown on the typical duties and responsibilities of someone working in our service department.

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Duties & Job Responsibilities

Service Tech Under Vehicles

If you’re just starting to consider becoming an automotive service technician, it’s important to know what you’re getting into, so we wanted to tell you a little about the different kinds of things you’ll be expected to do each day at “the office.” The following is a list of typical duties that you’ll be expected to perform in your day-to-day work life:

  • Perform basic automotive maintenance
    • For example: changing oil and filters, rotating tires, checking alignment and topping off fluid levels, etc.
  • Follow a detailed procedure to check and ensure every aspect of the vehicle is examined and found to be working properly
  • Carry out tests on different parts, aspects and electrical systems in the vehicle to ensure that they are working properly
  • Identify the cause of problems discovered during inspection or by the client
  • Repair or replace damaged or overused parts
    • For example: brake pads and rotors, wheels and tires, timing and serpentine belts and flushing transmission fluids, etc.
  • Explain problems, solutions, processes and more to clients

This is a barebones overview of the kinds of things you can expect to do as an automotive service technician if you apply for a gig here at Briggs Automotive. We’d be happy to answer further questions about the duties and responsibilities of the job, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – or simply apply now!