New Dodge RAM Tornado Engine Enters Production

New Dodge Tornado Engine Enters Production

Stellantis has given us some information in a press release regarding their new turbocharged six-cylinder engine that will be coming to Ram and Dodge vehicles in the near future. You may have heard this engine referred to as the “Tornado”. Stellantis press release shows the new 3.0-liter GMET6 HO engine on the official list, and it says this new engine started production on November 22, 2021. Let’s check out the press release and see what information we have.

The GMET6 (codename for “Global Medium Engine Turbo 6”) doesn’t have much information available as of now. The information we do have comes from patent applications, and they show that it may be a straight-6 orientation gas powered engine. Power is unknown as well, although Stellantis applied the ‘HO’ designation, which most likely means high output, meaning the Tornado engine will be powerful. 

One of the biggest reasons for the switch to this new engine is fuel economy standards. Recently in the United States the Environmental Protection Agency approved a new set of goals on Corporate Average Fuel Economy, requiring automakers reach an adjusted average fuel economy of more than 40 mpg by the year 2026. What Stellantis has now, the Hemi V8, isn’t exactly the most fuel efficient engine, so they have decided to downsize and supercharge to create a more fuel efficient engine that doesn’t skimp on power. We expect the Tornado engine to produce around 400 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque.

We are excited to see this engine be available to the public in the near future, and to see what doors this new fuel efficient beast will open up. Stay tuned for more information regarding all things Dodge and Ram.