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Parts Manager

Become a Parts Manager at a Briggs Automotive Dealership

There’s one subsection of our service departments that we haven’t yet covered in this company-wide series of career center blogs, and that’s our parts department. While parts is itself a part of the service department, it has several of its own dedicated teammates due to just how important what they do is. This includes their own manager, so if you’re looking for your next position in the automotive industry and have experience with parts, consider becoming a parts manager at a Briggs Automotive dealership.

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Express Technican

Become an Express Technician at a Briggs Automotive Dealership

In addition to our automotive service technicians, some of our Briggs Automotive dealerships have an express lane with their own technicians. Whereas our regular service department handles just about any malady your vehicle may face, the express lane is dedicated to delivering quick and efficient service in the form of routine inspections and regularly scheduled maintenance, such as oil changes and tire rotations. If you’re looking to start your career in the automotive industry, or are simply looking for your next gig, you should consider becoming an express technician. We’re hiring right now, and you can even earn while you learn!

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Vehicle Getting Conditioned

Become a Vehicle Reconditioning Specialist at a Briggs Automotive Dealership

If you’re on the outside looking in when it comes to the automotive industry, then you might assume that all of the technicians who work in one of our service departments work on customer vehicles. While that’s an easy misconception, there are some individuals who need to perform service on the used vehicles that we purchase before we can sell them to customers. That’s where the vehicle recondition specialist comes into play. If you’re interested in getting a job in the automotive industry, consider joining the team here at one of our Briggs dealerships by becoming a vehicle reconditioning specialist.

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Mechanic in the Shop

Become a Service Manager at a Briggs Automotive Dealership

The service department is a huge piece of each one of our dealerships that offer automotive service. There are far more employees making up the department than just service technicians, including everyone from drivers to cashiers to the service manager. The service manager is, naturally, in charge of the entire department, so unlike some of the positions available here at our Briggs Automotive dealerships, you can’t earn while you learn this position. We’re looking for a knowledgeable, experienced leader with a mind for customer service to become a service manager at one of our dealerships.

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Office Administration Employees Shaking Hands

What kinds of jobs are available in office administration at a car dealership?

We’ve been focusing on our Career Center over many of the various Briggs Automotive dealerships’ websites the past couple of months, highlighting the various departments and kinds of jobs you can get in them. The fifth and final department, which we haven’t yet touched on, is office administration. While it might not be the first thing you think of when picturing a dealership, it’s a department that’s every bit as important as sales or service. If you’re contemplating starting a career at a car dealership, perhaps you’re interested in hearing about what kinds of jobs are available in office administration.

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Service Tech Under Hood

What does an automotive service technician or mechanic do?

If you’re considering options for your career path, we definitely think you should consider becoming an automotive service technician. We’re always looking for great service techs or mechanics to join the team here at Briggs, so you could potentially find your start right here in our service department! If you aren’t already a skilled mechanic, then you might be wondering what exactly an automotive service technician does, so we thought we’d give you the rundown on the typical duties and responsibilities of someone working in our service department.

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Automotive Service Under Hood

What does it take to start a career in automotive service?

While you might not expect it, the service department might actually be the most populous part of a dealership. While sales is certainly up there, and might be your first guess, the service department requires all kinds of employees to make it run like a well-oiled machine, and service technicians are just one part of it. If you’re interested in starting a career in automotive service, we’ve got some information on how to do just that.

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