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2023 RAM 1500 Lunar Edition Models Exterior Front Profiles

Which 2023 RAM 1500 models will be available as the new Lunar Edition?

Just a few days ago, RAM Trucks unveiled a brand new package that will be available on two different 2023 RAM 1500 models and we cannot wait to get our hands on them. Joining the lineup this year will be the new Lunar Edition, available on both Rebel and TRX models. These two new offerings give customers even more customization options to choose from when shopping for a new RAM pickup. A brand new exterior color option will also be added, exclusive to these Lunar Edition models, called Ceramic Gray. Available in extremely limited quantities, the models will go on sale later this spring, so we wanted to take this opportunity to give you the rundown on everything unique about these two new vehicles.

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2022 Dodge Durango RT Exterior Driver Side Front Angles

2023 Dodge Durango Trim Levels & Price

For the new model year, the Dodge Durango underwent a few upgrades and enhancements. The SRT Hellcat trim levels return to the lineup, for example, offering more than 700 horsepower. New exterior color options are available, a few features are now standard instead of just available, and a few other changes make the 2023 model an exciting entry into the lineup. We’ve compiled data on the model’s trim levels and price points in the table below, so check it out to determine which model might be right for you.

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2023 Dodge Hornet Exterior Passenger Side Rear Angle

2023 Dodge Hornet Connectivity & Safety Technologies

We’re super excited about the first step towards the future of the Dodge brand, which is joining the lineup for the 2023 model year. We’ve already touched on the upcoming 2023 Dodge Hornet a couple of times here on the blog, such as its performance & driving dynamics, but today we wanted to look at an area we haven’t yet. When it comes to features and technologies in a vehicle, two of the most important areas to consumers like you are connectivity and safety, so we thought we’d highlight those aspects for you today.

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Muscle Cars Adopting EV Technology

2023 Dodge Hornet Performance & Driving Dynamics

By now, you might have heard about the upcoming 2023 Dodge Hornet. A couple of months ago we touched on the new compact crossover that will be joining the lineup for the 2023 model year, mostly discussing the new Dodge vehicle’s multi-energy powertrain lineup. The Dodge Hornet will be available as either the Hornet GT or Hornet R/T, the former of which is the traditional gasoline-powered engine whereas the latter is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. We touched on these powertrain options last time, but today we thought we’d focus a bit more on the two models’ performance and driving dynamics.

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2023 RAM ProMaster Exterior Driver Side Front Profile

What kinds of Mopar Factory Accessories are Available on the 2023 RAM ProMaster?

It’s no secret that RAM Commercial is one of the most upfitter-friendly brands on the truck market, and that’s certainly true for the 2023 model year as Mopar has announced a battery of factory accessories for the newest iteration of the RAM ProMaster cargo van. We’re stoked that these great, quality accessories will be available to shoppers looking to customize and upfit their work van. We thought we’d list some of the different accessories that were announced so you know exactly what’s going to be available when the new 2023 RAM ProMaster becomes available.

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2023 Dodge Hornet Exterior Driver Side Front Profile

2023 Dodge Hornet Release Date & Powertrain Options

The Dodge brand will be undergoing some major changes over the next few years as the lineup introduces more performance utility vehicles and begins to shift towards electrification. This all seems to be kicking off with the introduction of the 2023 Dodge Hornet, a brand-new vehicle from the brand. The Hornet is a compact crossover that will be available with either the segment’s most powerful gasoline powertrain or with a plug-in hybrid electric powertrain. With release dates of December 2022 and Spring 2023 depending on the trim level, we thought we’d give you a sneak peek at its powertrain options.

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2022 Dodge Durango RT Exterior Driver Side Front Angles

Is HEMI Orange available on the 2022 Dodge Durango?

Last year, Dodge introduced a brand-new appearance option called HEMI Orange on the Challenger and Charger models. While it might not seem all that important in the grand scheme of your vehicle, the exterior color is definitely an important aspect to a lot of drivers. It’s the first thing people notice, so many people like to make it an extension of their personality. That’s why Dodge has always done a great job of offering unique and exciting options for its vehicles exteriors. Now, the 2022 Dodge Durango R/T is available with the exciting HEMI Orange package.

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2022 RAM 1500

Where can I find used pickup trucks in Topeka, KS?

One of our big time specialties here at Briggs Dodge RAM is pickup trucks. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering one of our brands is RAM. But the new trucks that that brand provides us here at the dealership aren’t the only ones that we have for sale. We’ve also typically got a nice selection of used pickup trucks available to shoppers here in Topeka, Kansas, as well. So, if you’re in the market for a pre-owned truck, be sure to check out our online inventory to see if there’s something that meets your needs available.

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The new Challenger boasts enhanced safety features.

Which Dodge and RAM were named Top Vehicle Models that Deliver on Buyers’ Expectations by InMoment?

It’s never too early or too late to get an award. Earlier this month, InMoment announced the results of the fourth-annual eNVy Awards. The eNVy awards utilize information gathered from the company’s New Vehicle Customer Study to recognize different vehicles as being the best in certain categories. This year, a Dodge and a RAM vehicle each one their respective categories, thus being named Top Vehicle Models that Deliver on Buyers’ Expectations.

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2022 Dodge Durango Topeka KS

What’s new in the 2022 Dodge Durango?

Although the third-generation Durango has been around since 2011, it has undergone plenty of updates and enhancements through the past decade plus to keep itself fresh. This year is no different, so we thought we’d give you the rundown on exactly what’s new in the 2022 Dodge Durango this year. Regardless of what’s new, the 2022 Dodge Durango continues to be offered in five trim levels: SXT, GT R/T, Citadel and SRT 392. Four different exterior color options are available, alongside six interiors.

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