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It doesn’t matter whether you’ve purchased your vehicle recently or you’ve owned it for many years, at some point, every driver in Topeka, KS experiences a weak or dead battery. Quite often, there aren’t any warning signs for determining when a car battery will fail to start your engine. Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT can certainly help you once you discover that your battery is no longer capable of operating at a peak level. 

Understanding how long a car battery should last

On average, a car battery will last most owners about five years. Of course, there are several mitigating factors to consider, such as how often the vehicle’s engine is started, or how good the electrical system is for regularly recharging the battery while driving. It also depends on how well the battery was manufactured, to begin with. A brand-new vehicle can have a bad battery just as easy as an old jalopy. Although the age of the battery is a factor, the lifespan of a battery is very hard to predict. 

Battery inspections

The primary task during a battery replacement service is to ensure there aren’t any causes for a dead battery other than its lifespan. Our factory-trained technicians are skilled and subject matter experts to know what to look for when replacing a car battery. The technician will look for loose battery cables, frayed wiring, inspect the cleanliness, and they may explore other issues, such as ensuring the current battery was even sufficient for your vehicle. All vehicles have specific Cold-Cranking Amps (CCA), which are determined by the vehicle manufacturer, based on engineer specifications for starting your engine. 

Installing the new battery

When your battery is replaced, the negative and positive battery cables are disconnected from the old battery. The positive cable is disconnected first and then the negative cable. Although it’s an essential requirement to disconnect the cables to replace the battery, this important step also protects your electrical components. If the battery cables require cleaning, it will be done by the technician prior to connecting the new battery. Reconnecting the battery cables is done in the reverse order of disconnecting – negative cable first - positive cable second.  Once connected, the technician will start the engine and then assess basic electrical components for working order.  

Battery Replacement at Briggs Dodge Ram fiat

Replacing your car battery does not take an extended amount of time, but it should be conducted by a skilled technician. Interested in having a battery replacement service? Whether you live in Topeka, Lawrence or St. Marys, KS, making an appointment is easy when you use our online service scheduler. You'll be pleased to know that our dealership provides a shuttle service, free Wifi, and complimentary coffee and beverages are available! We also have Spanish-speaking professionals. 

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