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The battery in your vehicle provides the electricity needed to start the engine and also powers the electrical components when the engine is off. Although automotive batteries are feats of modern innovation, their durability is limited due to complex chemistry that is better left to the engineers. We know at Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT that the Battery in your vehicle has a life of about one-two years, at most, before its capacity to hold adequate voltage starts to decrease. It is impossible to tell precisely how long a battery will last because its life is influenced significantly by environmental factors, such as extreme temperatures and temperature fluctuation. However, when a battery starts to lose integrity, it won’t be long before it does not hold a charge at all. When a battery doesn't hold a charge, it is dead, and you will get left with an immovable vehicle. 

Symptoms of a dying battery

When a battery starts to lose integrity, a dead battery is not too far away. Consider yourself lucky if you catch a dying battery before it dies because you’ll have the opportunity to restore peak battery performance with a Battery Replacement Service. A routine performance check is always an excellent idea in terms of detecting sluggish battery performance before it dies. If you are experiencing any symptoms of a dying battery, it is a wise decision to schedule Battery Replacement Service as soon as possible to prevent a dead battery and immovable vehicle. Here are the symptoms of a dying battery in need of replacement: 

  • Headlights are dimmer than normal 
  • Slow engine cranking or sluggish engine starting 
  • Need to press the fuel pedal to start the engine
  • Engine backfires 
  • Problems with electrical accessories 
  • Battery has corrosion, is disfigured, or leaking fluid 
  • Battery is beyond its average service life 
  • Battery terminals are loose or corroded

Battery Replacement at Briggs dodge ram fiat

Battery Replacement Service at Briggs Dodge Ram FIAT features a highly-trained technician and a manufacturer-approved replacement battery. The old battery gets removed with the new battery installed to factory specifications. Special care is given to the condition of the battery terminals to ensure a good connection from the new battery to your vehicle’s electrical system. Rest assured that our Battery Replacement Service will do everything necessary to ensure peak Battery performance at factory specifications. Book an appointment at our service center!

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