Dodge Ram FIAT Alignment Service

Dodge Ram Fiat Wheel Alignment Services in Topeka

We operate a certified Dodge Ram Fiat service department at Briggs Dodge Ram Fiat ready to provide our customers with all of their vehicle’s wheel alignment services. We provide quality wheel alignment services from a state-of-the-art facility staffed with certified technicians using computerized alignment equipment to deliver factory specifications to each wheel angle precisely. Given our proven wheel alignment service quality, we invite you to pile on additional cost savings with a part and service special on your next visit to Briggs Dodge Ram Fiat.

Wheel Alignment Extends Tire Life

Wheel alignment services promote even tire wear and will ultimately help our customers get the most kilometers out of their tire investment. If you’re interested in promoting even tire wear, maximum tire life, smooth driving, reduced operating costs, and safety, we invite you to secure us as your reliable one-stop Dodge Ram Fiat wheel alignment service shop. When you need an alignment service but your schedule is crunched, why not schedule your wheel alignment service online for maximum convenience? 

2-Wheel Alignment 

An efficient wheel alignment service specifically designed to correct misaligned front wheels boasting a certified technician and a digital wheel aligner featuring laser technology for maximum precision. Service offers guaranteed wheel alignment to the front wheels at factory specifications and concludes with a complimentary multi-point inspection.


4-Wheel Alignment  

When misalignment occurs across the front and rear axles’ wheels, a 4-wheel alignment service will be necessary to restore specifications for all four wheels and to protect all four tires. A certified technician uses computerized wheel alignment equipment to measure and adjust the wheel angles as needed to bring them back within factory specifications.


Computerized Alignment Checks 

The best way to prevent rapid wear caused by misalignment is to correct the misalignment before it causes rapid tire wear. The only realistic means of catching misalignment before it causes tire wear problems is with proactive alignment checks. If you want to be proactive in your mitigation of rapid tire wear caused by wheel misalignment, we invite you to schedule a computerized alignment check at Briggs Dodge Ram Fiat in Topeka, KS.

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