A/C Recharge Service

A/C Recharge Service

Air Conditioning Service in topeka, ks

When your car sits out in the sun, it gets pretty ugly inside. The heat goes way above reasonable temperatures, and in response, you’ll probably blast your A/C as high as it can go. Have you noticed that the air coming out isn’t quite as cold as it used to be? That’s actually pretty common, and there’s an easy enough fix for it. An A/C recharge service can get your air back to it’s coldest so you can survive the heat.

What Is an A/C Recharge?

The service is one of the more straightforward things a mechanic will ever do to your car. The air conditioning unit functions by the use of a refrigerant. In the past, Freon was the common refrigerant of use. These days, R-134 is pretty standard. In any case, the refrigerant is essential to making the A/C produce cold air. If you get low on R-134, the air coming out of your vents will be warmer.

In an A/C recharge service, professional mechanics will inspect your system for leaks. Once they’re assured that the system is in good shape, they’ll drain the refrigerant, filter the system, and fill it with fresh R-134. Overall, the process ensures that you have a clean, charged system that is free of impurities and ready to give you the coldest possible air on the hottest days.

Importance of Air Conditioning Service

While the people of Phoenix may try to scoff at Topeka summers, we all know better. It gets hot and humid, and having warm A/C can be tough. That being said, you might be wondering if you can save a few bucks by simply enduring the heat and leaving things alone. Unfortunately, A/C systems are a little more complicated than that.

While having hot air come out of the A/C isn’t necessarily bad, a leak in the compressor itself can be disastrous. For starters, it’s releasing refrigerant into the air, and that’s illegal. On a more personal note, unnoticed A/C damage can prevent the compressor from spinning correctly. That can inhibit the drive belt, and, ultimately, a bad air conditioner can actually prevent your car from running at all. So, when the air gets warm, you want to figure out why and make sure it isn’t something that’s going to harm the entire vehicle.

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At Briggs, we like to think of ourselves as the preeminent service center for vehicles in Topeka, Lawrence and St. Marys, KS. All of our focus is on service. We aim to make every experience as comfortable, low-stress and painless as possible. Whether it’s charging the A/C or replacing major parts, our aim is to take care of you along with your vehicle.

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