Kansas City Area 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk


The 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk has been designed to break the limits of what people once believed to be the ceiling of SUV power. The universal reaction to the first experience of the rushing flow of force that is released when this SUV hits the road after acceleration is speechless awe. Serving Kansas City SUV drivers properly is our policy at at Briggs Jeep, so we don't cut corners when it comes to assessing real jeep quality, and the Grand Cherokee Trailhawk aced each corner effortlessly. This is a massive, speeding silver bullet with the strength of the thunder god coursing through its engine. The immaculate technical prowess of an artisan meets the brutish strength of a Titan in the culmination of this masterpiece of automotive engineering. By all means, this is not an automobile for those who aren't able to handle a ride that forces you feel a big vehicle's power in your bones. In this 2018 Jeep review, we're going to explore a piece of the future that has come roaring into the present. For all of the passionate speed demons out there in Kansas City with an appreciation for car that can stand up to absolutely everything that crosses its path, the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk is a divine gift.


It will be hard to find other Kansas City Area Jeep review that can look this favorable at the jeep's interior. The interior of this majestic beast is adorned in elegant Laguna leather, complementing the raw energy with a beautifully designed flair. The sleek profile of the interior gives the driver a feeling of truly being in the cockpit of a machine that was built for racing, electrifying their spirit as soon as the vehicle is in motion. Because of the intelligently implemented seat bolsters, you are able to remain perfectly stable in your position as the vehicle conducts masterful high-velocity maneuvers.


The 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk is mounted upon four 20-inch wheels made of high-grade titanium, each with the endurance and staying power to last a lifetime. The jutting front jaw of the SUV has been specially designed for a high degree of aerodynamic capability, harnessing the flow of wind to maximize its cutting force through the gales. The average Kansas City area jeep review for a normal vehicle would usually just focus on the function of the exterior, but with this, the pure presence deserves mention. When idle, the quiet confidence of this SUV brims with an unspoken power to completely take over the road. Even before being turned on, the exterior profile of this vehicle immediately tells the tale of a machine built for leading the charge. Adding to the SUV's ability to accelerate at a fascinatingly speedy pace is the rear spoiler, expertly maintaining an in-check drag so that not a bit of aerodynamic functionality is wasted. Thanks to the implementation of front air vents, the supercharger is constantly being fed a stream of overflowing oxygenated power.



A big part of the reason why this is vehicle has become such a popular Kansas City area jeep is its smart mechanical engineering. The core of this vehicle's magnificent power is the 6.2 L V-8 engine. The horsepower is 707, the torque is 645, and he acceleration goes from 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds with a breaking range of 114 feet. Thanks to the energy dynamo of an engine that powers this SUV, you are able to tap into its full ability to burn rubber while maintaining maximum control thanks to the perfectly dexterous brake system backed up by six-piston Brembo calipers. Any 2018 Jeep review you read will need to take note of towing force, and this is another area that this SUV delivers immensely in. In its 60/40 Tow mode, the strength of this Hellcat-endowed masterpiece allows it to drag along over 7000 pounds of cargo on its own.


We take powertrain quality seriously at Briggs Jeep, so we were pleased with what the Cherokee had to show. The powertrain design of this beastly steed has been optimized just as intelligently as all of the other components. An engine of this vehicle's caliber needs nothing less than the most dependable powertrain to ensure that its energy can be kept in constant control. With the powertrain in place, you can always be confident that you will be able to exercise the full potential of this vehicle with full responsiveness.


Naturally, any vehicle that carries this much strength and power needs to be optimized with the right safety solutions. A 2018 Jeep review can't be favorable without the right level of care being taken to fully secure the vehicle's tipping resistance level. While blisteringly fast and strong, the Grand Cherokee Trailhawk is able to be stopped on a dime and has the agility to be trusted on more dynamic turns. The latest generation of SUVs have been optimized to be far more resistant to the risk of tipping over from any kind of disruption of the center of gravity, and with this vehicle's grounded design, such an incident should never have to cross your mind. The steely constitution of this vehicle makes it just as durable as it looks. The vehicle is a tank of defiantly resilient steel that won't easily succumb to impacts that would total lesser vehicles. In terms of safety, this Kansas City Area Jeep review gives the Grand Cherokee Trailhawk five out of five stars.



This vehicle is excellent at serving Kansas City SUV drivers with a highly accommodating balance between both functionality and aggressiveness. Any less attention to detail in designing the vehicle's ability to compensate for its raw power would've resulted in something that was far too intense to drive, but thanks to the expert implementations of airflow control and responsive breaking, you can feel completely in control of a jeep that almost seems too strong to be put in to the hands of the average driver. The creation of this vehicle is a testament to the new capabilities of modern automotive manufacturing to control greater heights of performance capability. For the Kansas City driver who has a primal desire to experience the full extent of truly speed-optimized mechanics, nothing less than something on the level of the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk could be be better satisfy that desire on a daily basis. If you're a Kansas City native and would like to see the awesome power of this SUV for yourself, feel free to get in contact with us at Briggs Jeep today and schedule your test drive today. We're serving Kansas City SUV drivers the chance to hitch a ride into the next dimension of jeep power, and your turn can be next.


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